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3 1/2 month old American bobtail kitten playing fetch from Sylverkat Bobtails Cattery

Posted by rainbowValleyaviary on June 13, 2012 at 6:09 AM 1120 Views

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Reply rainbowValleyaviary
2:31 PM on February 15, 2013 

Hello Turnip

Thank you for your message. I enjoyed hearing about your bob tail kitty. She sounds like a wonderful girl, that has found a wonderful and loving home with you! I loved hearing about her, and all the little things she does. I had to giggle because she sounds so much like all my own, lol. They are sch amazing cats, aren't they?

Many bobatils will play fetch, but not every one of them will. It's not generally something you train them, but something that actually comes naturally to them. One day they will bring you a toy, you throw it, and surprise! They bring it back to you, lol. I do find that you have to continue playing with them like this into adulthood, or some can stop trying to play fetch when they are older.
A meat-only diet is a great choice for her, as I myself like to feed my cats high protein, and raw diets. But it's a good idea to use caution when feeding mostly fish, as high amounts of fish can actually cause cats to have thiamine, vitamin E and K deficiency, and there are often terrible preservatives in fish that is not necessarily put in by the pet food companies. Livers are great, and feeding hearts is a great addition to her diet for taurine as well

Again, it was nice to hear from you, and all about your girl! I'd love to hear more about her.
Take care,
Reply Turnip
6:40 PM on February 12, 2013 
I just had one of these cats adopt me. The neighbors first adopted her but they had so many animals the cat decided she liked our quieter home. I would love to train her to fetch a ball but have no idea how to do this. How did you begin? You really ought to post more videos on how to train these cats! This cat is a bit older but not much and has had one litter of kittens we know before she was fixed. So not sure we can train her when they are older. It is funny since this cat likes to lay on her back with her arms and legs fully extended like superman upside down. She also likes to sit on my keyboard to get me to pay attention to her so I laughed when I see your cat sits on your laptop. She wants lots of attention. We feed her a meat only diet of canned salmon with bones and skin and cooked chicken livers. She loves this. She was a big time hunter when she showed up at our door. Every other day she would leave some dead rodent on our door step, but now she just wants to stay inside with us and keeps an eye on us. She loves shadow puppets on the wall too and we have never had such a cat before. Very different. In fact when someone new comes in the house she will run around like she wants to get their attention. Darting here and there almost like she want them to chase her or she almost thinks it is a threat and wants the threat to follow her. I get comments from people watching this wild looking cat darting around like "what kind of cat is that!" She is small but she will take on a dog no problem. She is stubborn too and if you scold her about something she just holds her ground. But she seems to key on the tone of your voice and when I say no when she tries to softly bite she knows to stop. Sometimes when you first pet her she will gently bite your hand and I thought it was her being aggressive but I think that is her greeting or acknowledgement. Just wanted to compare notes on this very interesting breed.