Sylverkat Bobtails

An American BobtailCattery

We Appreciate your feedback, and would love to hear from you!  You're welcome to contact us anytime if you have any questions.  

If you would like to be placed on our waiting list,  please fill out our Kitten Questionnaire  on the "Kitten Application" page and we will get back to you about your placement on the list as soon as possible.  

If you would like to hear of upcoming litters, have general inquiries, or would like to know current kitten availability, send us an email with your name, number, and email address.  For a faster, more convenient response, please reach us at 


 between 10 AM and 10 PM Pacific Standard time.

Phone calls are our preferred method of communication, as our inbox often fills up quickly with emails and inquiries.  It may take some time to get back to you by email, but we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

Thank you or your interest in Sylverkat Bobtails.  We hope to hear from you!

Located in Chilliwack, BC, Canada.

You can reach us at 604-791-8787

Or email Sarah at

[email protected]

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FAQ'S (more info coming soon)

*What is the adoption fee of your kittens?

Each kittens' adoption fee is set individually.  "Pet" quality kitten adoption fees generally start at 700 and up.  The fees are based on the quality of each kitten, and his/her conformation to the breed standard/desirability.  This can range from 700 as non-showable, to 1,000 for a pet kitten of show quality.  In some cases, it may take a few weeks before the adoption fee is determined, as we can get a better idea of the kittens' development as they grow in the first few weeks.  In some cases we get an idea as soon as they are born.   Also, some small kittens with long tails (not bobbed), can often go below this range...

so it all depends on what you are looking for, and which kitten you choose.

*I am not ready to bring my kitten home, can you hold him/her longer for me?

Yes.  We do often enjoy getting some extra time to spend with our kittens, and this is generally not a problem if we must hold on to your kitten longer for you.  However, please note, that full payment of your kittens adoption fee Must be received by 14 weeks of age, unless other specific arrangements have been made and agreed upon. 

There is no fee to hold your kitten for the first two week after your kitten is ready to come home, to give you time to make arrangements for pick-up… however, after two weeks, (generally at around 12- 14 weeks of age, depending on when your kitten was ready to come home), we do ask a weekly boarding fee of $30 to care for him/her during this time, until you are ready to bring him/her home.  

Due to past experiences, and to ensure permanent homes of our kittens, failure  to communicate, and failure to pay for your kitten in full by 14 weeks of age, forfeits your deposit and renders him/her re-available for adoption. No exceptions.

*When is my kitten ready to come home?

Kittens will be ready to go to their new homes around 10-12 weeks of age.  This depends entirely on each kitten and how well he/she is developing.  Your kitten must be fully weaned, using the litter box,  showing good signs of growth, independence, and socialization before I am confident in your kittens ability to leave our care, his/her siblings and his/her mother.

*How often should i expect to receive photos of the kitten i adopted?

I will do my best to send updates on your kittens development as often as i can, and i will post new photos of your fur-baby to our FB page every 1 - 2 weeks until he/she reaches 10 weeks old.  

 I will also send email updates on his/her personality every now and then while they are with me.  I want new owners have the opportubity to watch their babies  grow and develop, and build a bond through seeing photos and hearing about them as they grow up.

If i have missed a week of photos, please be patient, i will get them as soon as i am able.  You can check in any time via phone call, and i will be happy to speak with you about your kitten, and can often send photos by text from my cell phone.

*How do I get on your wait-list?

Please note the page on our website entitled "kitten application Form".  Click on the page, and please fill out our questionnaire as detailed as possible.  You should hear from us shortly, with confirmation of your placement on our list, and any answers to your questions.  

*Do you have a discount for the adoption of a second kitten?

Yes.  We offer a 10% discount off the adoption fee of your second kitten.  We love to see our kittens grow up in the same home together!

*Can I come pick my kitten in person?

If there are kittens still available for adoption after 8 weeks of age, and after they have received the first vaccine, you are welcome to come pick your kitten in person.  Unfortunately, to protect the health of our kittens, we do not allow personal visits until the litter is protected by the first vaccination and after their immune system has had time to develop. The first vaccine is given at 8 weeks of age.

*Can you deliver our kitten to us or meet you at the airport?

Yes, we can deliver at buyers expense.  The charge for delivery is generally $1.25 per km in distance.  This includes the fuel and time to travel to your location, and back home.  A carrier can be provided at extra cost, or, you are welcome to  bring your own and we can transfer your kitten into your own carrier once we meet.  Do note that delivery is free of charge if i already happen to be in the area and can conveniently meet you on my schedule.  I often travel to surrey and Vancouver on weekends and may be able to drop off your kitten during my visit.  

*Do you ship kittens?

Yes.  We can ship  to kittens many different locations around the world.  

*What is the cost to ship my kitten?

Shipping fees vary depending on location, fees of the airline used, and which airport we can ship from.  Within Canada, shipping ranges from $275 a $350.  This includes the flight, transportation to the airport, fuel, airline approved carrier and blanket, and vet exam with documents to approve the kittens ability to be flown.

We are limited to certain areas of the U.S. for shipping.  Please inquire within to see if we can ship to your location.  Shipping to the U.S. is estimated around $400.  Kittens traveling across the border often require an extra exam from my veterinarian and  includes proper documents for cross-broder travel.  The cost for this exam plus documemts is $40 in kittens younger than 12 weeks.  After 12 week of age, the kittens require a rabies vaccine and the cost of this is  $60.  The cost of this extra veterinary care is applied on top of the shipping price, or alone if you pick up your kitten in person to take him/her across the border.  In most cases of shipping to the US, we must travel across the border to ship from a US airport located several hours away from home. 

Overseas shipping is possible to some locations, however, it can get quite costly, a freight forwarder is required (someone to fly with the kitten) and the kitten will require extra veterinary procedures and documents.  Please inquire with your location for a quote. 

*What do your kittens come with?  Do your kittens come with a health guarantee?

Each kitten comes with a 3-year health guarantee, a minimum of 1 core vaccine, 2 doses of deworming, flea preventative treatment, vet check and certificate of health.  Each kitten also comes with his/her own kitten kit, which includes the food they have been weaned onto (canned and dry), treats, blanket, several toys, small scratching board with catnip, 6 weeks pet insurance when signing up to the "petfirst" code, food storage container, care booklet, nail trim, and grooming before leaving. Registrations are provided on proof of spay and neuter.

We offer a health guarantee on all our cats/kittens against any life-threatening congenital or hereditary conditions, as well as anything that has originated from our care. If interested, please contact us for a full copy of our health guarantee.   

*How much is deposit and what methods of payment do you accept?

We ask a non-refundable deposit of 250 to hold your kitten.  Once the deposit is received, we remove him/her from the available list and let others know he/she has been spoken for.  The final balance can be paid on pick-up. Of course, the deposit is applied in its entirety to the purchase price.

We accept deposits by email transfer, cash in person, prepaid cheque, money order, and occasionally we accept payPal.  Please include the 3% PayPal fee for all PayPal transactions.

All kittens are considered available unil a deposit is placed. 

*Can I place a deposit before a litter is born?

Yes. Once you have filled out and we have reviewed your kitten application, we will provide the option to be placed on one of two wait lists.  

Our "general wait list" is for those who want to be notified of kitten availability on a first-come first-serve basis.  We will work our way through the list in the order we have been contacted.  When kittens are available for adoption, we will send out emails to those who have requested placement on this list.

Our "Priority reservation list" is for those who want to secure their place in line and guarantee pick of a kitten from an upcoming litter.  First deposit will get you first pick from a litter, second deposit will get you second pick and so forth. We are unable to guarantee we will get what you are looking for in the litter in regards to colour, gender, tail length, and number of kittens, so we do not recommend a priority deposit to those who have specific preferences. If we do not get a kitten you are looking for, you are welcome to wait and tranfer the deposit to another litter in the future.

Because i cannot always determine how many kittens will be born in a litter, I only accept a small amount of deposits on each litter based on how many kittens I expect the mother to have.

I do not recommend a reservation deposit if you do Not wish to choose a kitten quickly while it is still young.  Because there are usually other people in line waiting to pick their kittens, we can only allow a limited amount of time to choose your kitten from the litter.  We ask that if you have placed a priority deposit, to please choose your kitten in a timely manner, so others can also make their choices, and unchosen kittens can be made available for adoption to people on our general waitlist.

*I changed my mind about purchasing a kitten, may i have my money back?

We regret to disappoint you, but deposits to hold kittens are non-refundable.  You are welcome to delay your adoption for a future kitten if your circumstances have changed.  Your deposit can be applied to the adoption fee of another kitten in the future once you are again ready to adopt, however,  must accompany another non-refundable deposit of 250.  Both deposits ARE applied to the adoption fee of the kitten, for a total of 500 already paid towards your kitten.This is in the case the kitten is held and the adopter backs out for a second time.  Each kitten held loses chances for other potential homes, and the purpose of the non-refundable deposit is to ensure each purchasers commitment and well-thought decision to adopt a kitten.

If you have placed an "early reservation" deposit (before a litter is born) and we do not get what you are looking for in the litter you reserved, we can refund your deposit minus a $3 transaction fee.  However, once a kitten has been chosen and held with the deposit, it immidately becomes non-refundable.  The deposit can also be used for a future litter.

*When will I receive my kittens' registration papers?

You will receieve the registration slip for your kitten only once i have received proof of spay or or neuter.  At the time of the procedure, your veterinarian will provide you with a "certificate of spay or neuter".  You may send a copy back to me directly by mail or photo, and i will respond by sending out your kittens' registration slip to you by mail.  

Once you have received the slip, fill out the form with the information and name you would like to appear on his/her registration and send the slip by mail directly to TICA 

PO Box 2684

Harlingen TX


You can also register your kitten online using the BSN # located at the top of the page at

Create and sign in to your TDS Account

Click on "registration" in the left column

And "start cat registration from a breder slip"

The fee to register your kitten is $10 USD for tica members, and $13 USD for non-members.  Payment can be sent directly to TICA via paypal, or phone call to th tica EO using a credit card.

*What other information do I need to know? 

we do have a contract to be singed on pick-up, or before shipping of the kittens. The contract includes the health guarantee, and states the kitten will never be declawed (a very painful procedure, involving amputation of the finger tips), OR have his tendons surgically cut (Tendonectomy, which involves cutting tendons so cats cannot extend their toes/claws) will be indoors, will be altered Before 8 months of age, and your basic promise to provide the best of care.  We also ask that your kitten be seen by your own vet within the first week of pick-up so you can confirm with your own vet that you are getting a healthy baby.  (If your kitten has not yet had his/her final booster vaccine, this can be done during this appointment.)  This is for the health guarantee, and your own security so you know your kitten is healthy, in the case if anything should come up that my own vet had missed. Of course, the kittens will have all seen my own veterinarian several times before they go home.  Also, if at any time in the future you can no longer keep your cat, he/she will never be given to a shelter, research facility, or anything other than a good home.  We ask that you contact us should you need to re-home your cat/kitten.

*Do you have adults available?

We do occasionally have retired adult breeders for adoption.  The adoption fee of our retired adults is based on their age , personality, and quality.  This may range from $75 to $250 for adult cats older than 1 year.  All adult cat will be spayed and neutered prior to being placed in a home, and will have all vaccines and vet care up to date.

We do have a contract to be signed when our cats go home.  The contract states that your cat will be indoors, will never be declawed, and your promise to provide the best of care.  This also includes the health guarantee.

*What do I need to pick up my kitten?

Please bring a carrier along with you to contain him/her during your car ride.  

If you have a long journey, it is always a good idea to bring a small litterbox along with you, plus a water and food dish.  This way you an make small stops on your way home to let him/her drink, and ensure your kitten does not have to wait uncomfortably or have any accidents.

*How can we meet an American Bobtail in person before deciding to adopt?

If you wish to meet an American Bobtail cat before deciding to adopt, please come visit us at a show.  We would love to see you there, and answer any questions you may have.  It will be a great opportunity to meet us, some of our cats, and for us to meet potential owners in person.  Feel free to contact us anytime for information on upcoming shows that we will be attending with our cats.

*Can we come over to visit the cats/kittens, meet an American Bobtail?

 We like to consider that our home based cattery is always open to visitors, but in reality this is not feasible. We have decided we need to limit our visitors to people collecting/picking up their kittens.  There has been much interest in our Bobtails and due to the high volume of requests to meet and visit our cats and kittens, we just cannot have everyone coming into our home all the time to simply have a look at our cats. It puts the new kittens at risk for contagious illnesses, as well as puts stress on pregnant moms, and moms with kittens to protect, every time someone visits. So we have decided to prioritize the visits for the families who have adopted our kittens.  Once the kittens have reached 8 weeks of age and have received their first vaccines, and if we are available on a weekend, we often set up a day for new owners to come meet and visit their kittens before they are ready to come home.  As a home-based cattery, this decision is also based on unfortunate past events, and in place for the safety of our cats/kittens, and ourselves.

Please note that we do work full-time on weekdays, and occasionally on weekends outside of breeding or cats.  

Evenings and weekends are mainly spent caring for our cats and catching up on errands, answering emails, sending photos, and tending to kitty-related chores, which are our top priorities. Any spare time we do enjoy spending with our loved ones and family, keeping us very busy and making it difficult to readily be available for visits.  

Limiting visitors into our cattery is one way you can be confident that your kitten, and the litter, are minimally exposed to any possible health risks.  Visitors can be stressful on cats, particularly mothers who have young kittens to protect.  Young kittens are extremely susceptible to illnesses which can be carried unknowingly on visitors clothes, hands, and shoes. By limiting our visitors, it gives our kittens time for their immune system to mature and their vaccines to become effective, and is the reason we are able to offer comprehensive health guarantees for all of kittens as stated in health guarantee and contract.

If we set up a date for new owners to visit their kittens, we do ask that you do not handle any cats or visit any other catteries just before coming  here. We have healthy cats and do not want any fungi, parasites or viruses, or outside bacteria brought in by well meaning visitors.  Please do not take this personally, this is simply to protect our cattery, cats, and your kittens from risky, and excessive exposure to anything that puts their health at risk.

We are happy to provide photos, videos, and even occasionally set up a FaceTime call with you and your kitten.  We can provide information to our veterinarian.  Our experienced vet sees us and our cats regularly and knows how we care for all of our pets.   If your wish to check that our cats are well cared for, healthy, and raised in a clean environment, our vets will be happy to speak with you.

As a home-based cattery, when you ask to visit or "inspect" our "facilities", in reality, you are asking to inspect our family home where we live, and we must consider the safety of our family, cats, and kittens, and cannot take chances of letting anyone and everyone into our home.