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Our kittens are raised underfoot, in our home.  As they grow up with us, we ensure they are well socialized with other people, dogs, cats, and other pets.  We often travel by car with our cats and kittens, which helps them become comfortable with car rides by the age they are ready to leave to their new homes, as well as entering new home environments that are new to them.  We do our best to teach them basic manners, such as to stay off the counters and not to beg for your food while they are in our care.  Our cats come from champion blood lines, and are fully registered.  We often will have pet, and occasionally show alters available.  Breeding cats will only be sold to those who have a registered cattery and have some experience with showing a purebred pedigree cat.  Kitten prices are based on kitten quality and generally start at $900 and up to $1,250 for pet kittens.  We require a non-refundable deposit of $250 to reserve kittens.

   Our kittens will come with vaccinations, deworming, health certificate/vet records, contract with 1 year health guarantee, nail trim and grooming before leaving, and kitten starter kit, which includes several toys, a blanket, small bag of dry kitten food,  2 cans of kitten food, coupon, care book, treats, food storage container, and a small scratch pad with cat nip.  They come from an extremely clean environment, and use the litter box extremely well. They do well in the car & are weaned onto a high quality, hard, kitten food.  We often have all different tail lengths, coat colors, and hair lengths.   Our kittens can leave to their new homes at 10 to 12 weeks of age.



Of course every kitten has his or her own personality, but in general, American Bobtail kittens are very active, outgoing, playful, very intelligent, and learn quickly.  They are a confident breed, that if raised socially and properly, are fearless and very rarely shy, reclusive, or aggressive.  Thy are energetic, loving, loyal companions that do not enjoy solitude.  They prefer to be around someone at all times, and will follow you from room to room throughout the day.  They love people very much, but also enjoy the company of other pets when raised together while they are young.  They bond well with all family members, including dogs, and other cats, and children as long as they are handled gently and with care from an early age.  Bobtails are great companions for large families, as they tend to bond well with all family members rather than a single person.  They can even become very protective of their family.  Bobtails are considered very dog-like in character, as they are easy to train, learn tricks, often play fetch or enjoy water, walk on a leash, greet you at the door, and crave attention and company, rather than live in solitude.
However, do note that each kitten is an individual and will have their own character traits, and there can be rare exceptions to these rules.  Some kittens will be more or less cuddly than others, more calm or active than another, some more vocal, others more quite, and some more demanding for attention, and others more independent.  

With Children 

Bobtails generally become very close with young children, of course this is to say the children are gentle and handle the kitten with care.  The kitten may need a small adjustment period to become comfortable with young kids and any quick movements or loud noises.  However, Bobtail, being a confident and outgoing breed, do not usually take long to get use to them.  As with any cat that is being rough handled, or frightened, they will hide, and become timid whenever the children are around, so monitoring the two of them together is always recommended.  While Bobtails are young, they are also very active, so I suggest keeping the nails trimmed.  Sometimes the kittens will run and jump, or climb your legs in attempt to get attention, and unknowingly, accidentally scratch.  So this is something to keep in mind.  They are not aggressive, love attention, and most do well with children.  But of course each kitten is an individual,  so some will need a longer adjustment period than others, while some kittens adjust the very day they come home.


                 Deposits/Reserving Kittens

A non- refundable deposit of $250 is required to hold a kitten.  Once a deposit has been placed, the kitten chosen is removed from the available list and reserved just for you.  Anyone who inquires about the kitten will be informed that he/she has been spoken for.

Deposits are nonrefundable.   This is because a held kitten is compromised from finding other possible homes at its most desirable age.  It also helps ensure that buyers truly thought it over,  want the kitten, and are willing to follow through with their commitment.  There are no exceptions.  If the kitten you had initially chosen is no longer fit to go home with you, or for any reason the Breeder is unable to place the agreed upon cat/kitten with the Purchaser, the deposit will be refunded in full, or you can choose to use the deposit towards a kitten from a future litter or another kitten that is currently available.   Choice of a kitten from a litter is given in the order we receive the deposits.  Full payment can be made on pickup, or one week prior to the shipping date.  We accept payment via, email transfer, cash on site, money order, and occasionally paypal.

***Please Note: Before making a deposit, that at the time of adoption, we also ask new owners to sign an agreement/contract that they promise take care of the cat/kitten to the best of their ability, that the cat/kitten will be indoors, and that they will never declaw their kitty, and will have kittens altered before 8 months of age.  Registrations will not be released until we have received proof of the spay or neuter surgery. 

Health Guarantee

We offer a 1 year health guarantee on all of our kittens from any threatening hereditary or congenital (present at birth), genetically inherited disease or defects, as well as guarantee that the kitten is free of Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) at the time of purchase.  The kitten is also guaranteed to be free of intestinal parasites, ear mites, and fleas, and is up to date on all age appropriate vaccinations.  We guarantee that to the best of our knowledge, the kitten is in perfect health at the time of pick up, shipping, or delivery.  A copy of the kittens health record will be provided at the time of adoption.  We cannot guarantee against any illness that is picked up after leaving our cattery, or any adverse reactions to vaccines given in the future while in the buyers care.

We ask that you confirm the health of your kitten by making an appointment with your own veterinarian within the first 3 days of purchase.  This is for you own security, so you know you are getting a healthy kitten.

This guarantee does not include injury due to accidents, illness due to neglect or improper care on part of the new owner, or contagious/infectious diseases that have been picked up or acquired after leaving us (eg. upper respiratory infections, fungus, food poisoning etc.).  These can be picked up anytime after leaving us, including on a flight, during travel, or a trip to the vets office, and we cannot guarantee that this will not happen out of our care.  However, we guarantee that none of these are present at the time of shipping, delivery, or pick up.  In addition, all kittens are vet checked by a licensed veterinarianprior to leaving, and will receive a veterinary certificate of health stating they are in good health.

Bringing home your new kitten 

Our kittens will be ready to go home around 10 to 12 weeks of age when they have received a minimum of their first vaccines, and I am confident in their development to let them go.  We can also hold kittens past 10 - 12 weeks of age to set up a date and time that is more convenient for you if needed.  Please note, that we can hold kittens longer if needed, but due to previous experiences, PAYMENT OF THE COMPLETE ADOPTION FEE MUST BE MADE, IN FULL, BY 14 WEEKS OF AGE.  If full payment is not received, and there is lack of communication on part of the "adopter", the kitten will be made re-available for adoption to other families.  Any kittens held past 14 weeks of age are subject to a boarding fee of $30 per week unless other arrangements are made.  This is due to previous experiences of families backing out of kittens after holding them for long periods of time.  In return, these kittens and lose out on other possible homes while being held for a family that does not intend to take the kitten home.

I know it is a difficult thing to be patient when waiting for your new kitten to come home, but please do not ask to take your kittens home early than the dates stated.  I will not allow kittens to go home before the posted dates, or before I am comfortable enough with their health and development to leave their mom and litter mates.

Of course, arriving to a new home can be a very scary thing for a young kitten, with new surroundings, things they have never seen before, new smells and sounds, and being surrounded by strangers. These can all make a kitten a bit nervous when they come into a new home, so please try to be patient with your new kitten, as it can often take about a week for your kitten to adjust to your home, as long as transition goes smoothly.   

 We recommend keeping the new cat/kitten confined in an enclosed room for the first week or two, while the cat/kitten adjusts to its new surroundings, learns where to find the litterbox, and gets use to the new smells and sounds of your home.  This helps the cat/kitten with their transition, and keeps the move from being too overwhelming for him/her from experiencing a big change all at once.  It gives the cat/kitten a place to feel safe.  A sudden move to a big new environment can scare a cat/kitten, and they may hide.  After a week, you can start letting them out of the room to explore for longer periods of time, in larger areas.  However, this requires supervision, especially in a large area that a kitten cat get lost, or hurt.  If there is a lot going on, and there are many things they have never seen, they can become nervous and go into hiding.  Many kittens will need a small adjustment period to get use to the new surroundings, other pets, and strangers, which is best to introduce them gradually, and only under supervision, during the first week.


We can and do ship at buyers expense.  Price range for shipping is between $275 and $350 depending on the airline used, location, and whether or not you choose to use a hand courier.  Kittens are held slightly longer and will not be shipped until they have reached a minimum age of 12 weeks, and have received their full set of 2 kitten vaccines.  This gives them the extra protection from anything contagious they can pick up while on their flight, and ensures they have the best possible immunity before being exposed to any other animals that may be on the flight.  The price of shipping includes flight, transportation, blanket, fuel, carrier, and second vet exam before leaving. Flights will not be booked until shipping costs, and price of your kitten has been paid in full at least one week prior to the shipping date.

We can also hand deliver kittens within driving distance, between Hope and Vancouver.  Of course we welcome and encourage those who would like to come pick up their kitten in person.  We have two locations for pick-up, either in Surrey or Chilliwack. Full payment must be received before any kitten leaves us.